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Ocean City Manor 2XL

Clean and well stocked !!


My wife and I needed some "us" time and time to rest after a busy and stressful period of time. Staying at this unit for a week fit the bill. It's a very nice unit, has some recent renovations which are well done, was clean and well stocked, the bed was comfortable and located in a bedroom with a door for privacy if you have kids in the next room or want to sleep in. We were literally steps away from one of the nicest sandy beaches in WA. State.

The beaches are wide and extend for many, many miles down the coast. The coastal region here and in the surrounding area is beautiful. We could hear muffled voices in the units by and over us, and occasionally the dog next door would bark, but only for a moment (the facility is pet friendly). Each day a presto log was provided for the fireplace and we enjoyed making use of them. If you want a quiet spot on a sandy beach, with not much to do in the area except rest, read, enjoy the beach and eat in local restaurants, you will enjoy staying here, as we did. – Larry, Online Review